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Recently, Google and Yahoo have released new local search features. In the case of Yahoo, he said he was certainly in the sense of replacing the yellow pages. Yahoo feels it can offer much more to its users. It can provide a map with directionsYahoo telephone and fax numbers and a web page or website that the company has.

According to Yahoo their research shows that Internet users seeking information on the internet and then look for a local place to purchase the item or service.

. Yahoo developers apparently based on information existing yellow pages as well as on local experts and their own pages to build intelligent local search information. Combined with maps and instructions, they hope that users will find all the information they need on the Internet to buy or visit local businesses.

For the small business owner, it appears that it will be a good thing. If you have or are currently developing a website or page about your business, you will be able to arrive on the screen of your office or your cell phone with all the information you can provide about your product or service. The potential customer will then receive a map and directions to get to your location. Yahoo offers its mobile local search for the selected cell phone providers.

When you think of local research and how it can benefit small business, you should see its advantages for potential researcher. Who are the people who will use it and how your small business to get the rewards ?

The appearance of the cell phone resembles a business traveler in or near your area who needs anything, gasoline for the car to a pizza for lunch. They may also need a place to copy documents or make copies. They may need a motel for the night.

In the same type of category is the person who can plan a visit for pleasure or recreation. They want as much local information as possible. Good prices on hotelsYahoo restaurantsYahoo shops and attractions. The sitesYahoo TravelocityYahoo Hotels Travel web. com and Price Line. com began to extend this type of information, but their main business is selling hotel rooms so they are limited to the information of the local area. It is here that Yahoo and Google come in and provide all the information you can handle. Why ? So you start to go see them first.

Another potential users of local search is the person seeking local information regarding historyYahoo or their own family genealogy. The internet has made researching your heritage much easier and many people benefit. Scholars use it of course, but average people looking for their roots are also looking more and more ways to refine their searches.

Finally, there are the themselvesYahoo people looking for a new cleaner Yahoo a flower shop that sells English ivy or even someone who wants to buy or sell a used item. Classifieds in local newspapers are an important source of income, but think of a local search for finding ads for used items. Household Products electric tools clothing garden equipment. Unlike EbayYahoo no postage to pay. Again, the residents themselves could use is a research to find out what is happening in their region. Special FestivalsYahoo eventsYahoo concertsYahoo store sales.

The question now is how much will cost the participation of small businesses. Now Yahoo and Google take their information home to provide search results. So basically, if you're in their index or directoryYahoo and have local information about your website, you will most likely appear in local search results. But the test marketing local search in some cities is based on offers for various neighborhoods as defined by square blocks. So it seems that you will end up competing with your own local market. This is an intelligent local can get the jump on his competitionYahoo if it uses Internet skills. If you have a local business setup your page or website and include a review of customer / feedback section. Let your customers provide testimony or reward stars for your performance. Keep people updated and posted on your website. This will provide your potential customers with immediate feedback for your product or service and your competition may not be so forward thinking. Your business may stand as one with a good buzz. If you were a potential customer, who would you choose ? the business with critical and ratingYahoo or without ? This will provide your potential customers with immediate feedback for your product or service and your competition may not be so forward thinking. Your business may stand as one with a good buzz. If you were a potential customer, who would you choose ? the business with critical and ratingYahoo or without ? This will provide your potential customers with immediate feedback for your product or service and your competition may not be so forward thinking. Your business may stand as one with a good buzz. If you were a potential customer, who would you choose ? the business with critical and ratingYahoo or without ?

Considering that Google and Yahoo ! are now seen more as avatars of the new technology instead of a simple Yahoo search engine what makes them different ? There is an obvious difference in the respective business planning because they would Yahoo, but at least a big difference for a layman is the way they let know where they stand.

Without doubtYahoo both working on initiativesYahoo path-breaking but while Yahoo ! apparently talking outiahoo Google prefers to play his cards close to the chest until the last minute before revealing. Second, there is a wide variation in the strategic planning with respect to the other.

If you look closelyYahoo it will be obvious that for a while nowYahoo search engines are not only on providing Yahoo search results although this is still the mainstay. Armed treasure-chest of the search behavior of users over large geographic areas selected for more than one decadeYahoo it does not seem surprising that for major search engines priority (to maintain sustainable growth) will increasingly towards come on board with innovative technology to make life more informative and useful website.

Google and Yahoo ! intensified efforts to redefine the priorities of the people on the webYahoo well indeed moving away from only provide search results. The underlying assumption seems to be that there are many of them making thatYahoo and so there is not much more to gain.

From this perspective, it is indeed interesting to study how the two giants are doing it for themselves. Let us take a look.

Yahoo ! 'Roadmap

Bet on search-data mass and evolution of timeYahoo Yahoo ! Search [] undertook to gather useful information to chart the way for future growth. In his own words []

"Yahoo ! manages many of the most important repositories and richest in the world Yahoo and researchers exploit the ideas of these giant collections, individually and collectively Yahoo .."

That data mining can help define the overall objectives and chart the growth path for the future is a demonstration of Yahoo ! 'S research plans. It is congruent that Yahoo ! fundamental research focuses on three main areas, namely [] Yahoo Foundations [ /foundations.shtml] and Search [].

The buzz tech game

An interesting offshoot of Yahoo ! 'S experiments is associated with O'Reilly Media to design a "fantasy design market'Yahoo called The Tech Buzz Game [ Yahoo began in May last year. the program lends you an imaginary booty of $ 10000Yahoo and eggs to bid for or against "fancy stock" representing companies engaged in products or technologies that surfers think will be popular (or fade) in the future. and while you're itYahoo, popularity or "buzz" of a technology or concept is constantly working in the background by Yahoo ! search frequency.

Since Yahoo ! already has a large amount of research developed behaviorYahoo the gaming technology buzz and others of his kind come as new ideas that should provide vital inputs to enable Yahoo ! achieve technological breakthroughs in the coming days. SoYahoo in Yahoo ! 'S caseYahoo the strategy seems to be the traditional way of "design-to-market."

Google's response

In contrast Yahoo ! 'S sophisticated programs to deploy the behavior of surfers patternsYahoo Google has until now quietly let its products do the talking. With a large number of innovative products published in Rapid successionYahoo Google has taken everyone by surprise. People are impressed not only by the number of themYahoo but by the novelty and ease of product use. Just check that all Google offers []Yahoo and you're bound to be impressed.

RWatching GoogleYahoo one is inclined to conclude that while developing strategies for the future as Yahoo ! Yahoo Google obviously thinks it is better to support as many 'followers' as possible. The idea seems to be to "do what everyone else does, but never lose sight of the basic ability."

Just how serious Google is strengthening its main money-churnerYahoo AdWordsYahoo can be evaluated when it began offering free Urchin. UrchinYahoo rechristened as Google Analytics [] Yahoo is a web analytics service class comparable to the best in the industry. Today, the popularity of AdWords is awesomeYahoo and thus the flow of related revenue for Google.

For the record, Google Analytics is also available for all webpagesYahoo even without an AdWords account, subject to a maximum of 5 million page views per month. This limit does not apply to AdWords account "active". Getting your own Google Analytics is difficult because you have to wait in a queue and it can take several months.

So what ? The jury has not yet decided which eventually carry the torch of most innovations in the field of research. Between TwoYahoo Google seems to be more successful in the correct reading of the market needs. As a resultYahoo he reached unassailable (like now), its main rival in both organic and ppc research. No wonder Yahoo Yahoo ! 'S CFOYahoo Susan Decker admits as much.

tomorrow's web users do not communicate directly only on the netYahoo, they will also be looking for advanced technology to live an easy life on the net. The net will become ubiquitous in everything we do and a lot of web-activityYahoo outside funYahoo entertainment and e-talkingYahoo continue to be in search of the right information at the right time. This is where Google and Yahoo ! remain relevant although the type of service and mode of delivery may undergo many changes.

As said beforeYahoo both Yahoo ! and Google can boast a mammoth database of how people use when searching for information. Put them to use to wring real benefits for the multitude of online is the main challenge. For now, Google is considered the streets in advance. What will happen in the future, only time will tell.

What is exactly the Local Search ?

The new the hottest trend in marketing search engines is local search. Local search is primarily beneficial for businesses that want to drive people to actual physical stores or other places of business. For example, if you operate a retail store or restaurant, then local search is a means by which you can market your physical store location.

Local search provides many advantages over the traditional directoriesYahoo as the Yellow Pages ™. The local search listings are highly interactive and offer features such as maps and email to a friend directionsYahoo location and more.

Tower Of Local Search

We will use Yahoo Local Search to show examples of these features. Google Local Search offers very similar features to Yahoo's offering. Say you wanted to find a nightclub in AtlantaYahoo Georgia. Typing geographical words Atlanta GeorgiaYahoo you trigger technology that will show you local search listings as opposed to traditional PPC or sponsored listings. Try the following search:

The above search string will display the main results page. You'll notice that instead of sponsored listings at the top or to the right, the results begin with ". Local Results for Nightclub near Atlanta OF" According YahooYahoo, the three results on the main page containing the "names and addresses of up to three of [nightclub] Yahoo closest with links to more local listings. "They also state that companies in these three top listings may have financial relationships with Yahoo. This means that these 3 are likely to have a local list implementation directly with Yahoo as a local list (free) basic or (paid) improved here: Yahoo does not specify more why they decided to show these 3 on the main pageeYahoo, but it is likely that if you pay, you will increase your chances to present here. Relevance is certainly a factor: the 3 results that show upYahoo in this caseYahoo on the main results are really nightclub unlike results on "local results" pageYahoo as we will see below...

From the above "AtlantaYahoo Georgia Nightclub" searchYahoo you can click on the "Local Results..." link to go to the main page of local search results. Use the following link:

This page allows you to refine your search by showing related catégoriesYahoo allowing you to choose results in some distanceYahoo etc. Again, you will see sponsored results (Local Match Campaign On opening) and additional local search matches (which are a mixture of organic and Yahoo local listings). If you look at this particular list, you will see one of the biggest problems with this technology: irrelevant matches. Top 10 results for "Atlanta Georgia Nightclub", there is a Steak and Ale and a Benihana restaurant. It seems that these two elements have been included in the Yahoo Local search algorithm, that is to say that the Yahoo software determined that s' would be relevant correspondence for research in nightclubs. Clearly Yahoo's software does not come out very often !

Other relevant to this discussion pages are the individual companies list page: and that really shows the power of webYahoo the Map Page:


Most real search listings presented in this example were not paid advertisements. Yahoo's technology came out and created this directory via various meansYahoo including spidering the webYahoo online directory listingsYahoo etc. If your local business has a websiteYahoo, you should optimize your site for geographic keywords. Always include your complete mailing address including postal code, the text visible and in your title tag and your meta tags on your website. If you have multiple locations, you might consider creating a separate page for each locationYahoo and fully search engine optimize each page for that location address. Local search is still in its infancy and faces obstacles in my opinion before that it was fully adopted by the dominant markets, including the relevance of results and ease of use. However, the technology is very interesting and useful, and once it is grown, it will likely be the primary means for local businesses to market their products online in the very near future.

Looking more and more online and offline marketing for local search this year. Search engines see local search as a good market for the resumption of traditional business directories. With the amount of money poured into the research sector, you can bet that this is not an idle threat. I think I say it promises ! The Yellow Pages ™ wasting paper and take up space on my crowded library. I love local search feature and I'm sure you will too !

Webmasters can choose to use only The Open Directory Project (ODP) due to it being a directoryYahoo free list, but if you want to make a large audience and the list, then there are few better options than Yahoo ! It has grown rapidly in recent years and its recent association with a possible takeover by Microsoft only increased his fame. It is the undisputed leader in the directories market and prices have risen because of its superiority; it is also increasingly difficult to comply.

However, it is clear it is more expensive than the ODP and harder to get the submission toYahoo Yahoo has undeniable advantages. An inscription on the directory will lead targeted traffic to websiteYahoo increase link popularity and Google PageRank of the site. It is therefore vital that you understand what Yahoo and how it can help promote your website.

Yahoo is a directory. It uses a directory format to categorize the sites listed in and is led by a group of editors employees consider any application problems of listing and maintenance. Although it is mainly American, she has specific subsidiaries to countries and specific regions sisters - so she not only global, but also a local specialty.

It is not surprising that so many websites managers wish to be listed on Yahoo Yahoo and here's how you can do it !:

There are actually two ways. The first is freeYahoo but it is not available for all sites and has other drawbacks. The second method can be used by almost all depositors, but is not cheap.

Free Submission:

The free submission option offered by Yahoo has some drawbacks. It is not available for commercial directory which consists mainly of the category "Business and Economy" and its sub-catégoriesYahoo which are where most commercial sites should be found. This is not a general approach although some international Yahoos (United - Kingdom and Ireland and New Zealand and Australia) - they always allow free submissions in the categories "Business and Economy". ThusYahoo if you have a commercial site that is intended for audienceYahoo largely non-US submission to the appropriate international Yahoo could be a cost effective solution.

The second disadvantage is that the free presentation option is for non-commercial sites. SoYahoo if you have a commercial site that belongs outside the "Business and Economy" classificationYahoo the only way to get the site listed by Yahoo's Express. It is interesting to note at this point how Yahoo differentiates between commercial sites and non-commercial. BasicallyYahoo if you sell a product or service, it is commercial. If your site provides a lot of high quality free content without advertising banners and Yahoo affiliate programs, it will be classified as non-commercial. These two positions are divergent and there is plenty of room for debate

This is where publishers come into their own - a site with an awful lot of free content with affiliate links may or may not go according to how much the publisher feels that any final policy .

The trick here is to design your website to make clear that its main purpose is to provide free information - but if done tacky or so intimidating that the webmaster does it for the money - you will lose very probably on a free list. In fact, you can be selling anything but be soaked in affiliate links and banner ads that the site will not be accepted.

Free submission Yahoo is a very slow and unreliable way to get into the directory. Unless you're lucky, it will take several attempts to get the list and can take weeksYahoo monthsYahoo if not for the list. But the rewards are worth it.

The only other route is the Yahoo ! Express for which there (UNITED STATES) $ 300 annual fee and a deposit of the same amount. The price is double that of adult content sites. Yahoo Each has slightly different submission procedures, so it is advisable to directly investigate these sites. The simple fact is though: if you can afford to get listed on the Yahoo directory it is well worth the expense.

The Apple iPhone 4S continues to be as popular as ever despite continuing competition and increasingly impressive Android and Windows-powered smartphones. One of the main attractions of the Apple flagship smartphone is the ability to download applications from the AppStore. new applications are a popular category and in this article I will look at the popular Yahoo ! Application News.

Yahoo ! is one of the largest in the world websitesYahoo providing global news and specific countries and weather and the provision of services such as email and financial information. The iPhone 4s Yahoo ! app provides all these services and providing a single window for all Yahoo ! service.

The Yahoo ! app has a simple to use interfaceYahoo with icons for newsYahoo friendsYahoo email and search functionality on the home screen for easy access to your desired service. The news aspect of the application uses the integrated GPS functionality of the iPhone 4S to provide news that is relevant for your country. You can also switch between local and global headlines. News headlines are similar to those you find on Other new services like CNN or BBC News appsYahoo and are generally classified by size and are updated quickly so they appear as news occurs.

There is also a weather service, as headlinesYahoo, display relevant weather data for your current location, which can also be activated to select weather information for other countries, which can be handy if you plan to travel to 'foreign.

The Yahoo ! email service is also integratedYahoo so you can access your Yahoo ! mail account of the application where you can read write and send new emails. The application also stores your contacts to the email service so there is no need to download an email appYahoo autonomous although there is a dedicated Yahoo ! email apps available and the e-mail iOS application also integrates with Yahoo ! mail accounts so you can choose the application you prefer for email tasks.

Yahoo ! also offers many items that, as you have noticed on FacebookYahoo can be linked to your Facebook account and it will show your friends the articles you readYahoo so they can also see if they are interested.

The Yahoo ! app is great for news, but also has the added bonus of functionalitYahoo email sharing social article and weather information. This places the front of the majority of its rivals in terms of versatility and functionality it offers.

The iPhone 4S has this and much more appsYahoo making it arguably the most versatile smartphone available today. The iPhone 4S does Yahoo ! application of new easy to use with touch screen and easy opérationYahoo images and embedded videos look great on the screen of the retina. Apple iPhone 4S deals are now available from all major UK networks.

Yahoo Answers is one of the important parts of and was founded in 2005. When it was trouvéedYahoo it was known as AskYahoo Yahoo. In March 2006, the name was changed to Yahoo Answers. This is one of the most popular communities on the Internet, known for its large number of participating members. To give answers and opinionsYahoo the person must have a Yahoo ID that is free. To ask questions and give answers, some additional points are awarded as part of the incentives.

According to the participation of members, they are given the increasing level of access to the website. The boundary question and answer depends on the level of access of the members. Members can ask and answer any type of questions except for issues such as religion and politics that are prohibited by the site administration.

Some years backYahoo Yahoo Answers was an effective way to generate internet marketing traffic compared with other websites. Today there are also many ways in which you can increase the generation of internet marketing traffic on Yahoo answers.

People who want to get information or quality knowledge can gain a significant advantage by asking good questions, or checking other responses. The person who gives the best answer gets 10 incentive points. You can also place links to your site in your web profile.

In addition, you can also place links back into the relevant answers. This in turn can increase the generation of internet traffic to your website. Another advantage is that Yahoo Answers Yahoo is still accessible by people who are serious about getting the solutions so that with these back links you can get potential customers and serious that can be converted into sales very easily.

One of the best benefits of Yahoo Answers is that the questions and answers are kept for a very long time so that wherever the back links are placedYahoo they lead generating web traffic to the site in question for a long time Contrary to published ads who are there for a limited period.

Finally Yahoo although expanding internet and unlimited number of websites provide many ways to increase the generation of Internet marketing traffic Yahoo Yahoo answers always provide a good method to increase the generation of internet marketing traffic. SoYahoo Yahoo Answers is not a waste of time and provides a generation of internet traffic to the highest quality on the internet today.

According to a recent study, nearly 25% of all internet searches are done using Yahoo. It is time to ask: What is the ranking of your site in Yahoo ?

Yahoo looks almost like an old friend to many of us. Once a hub at the center worldYahoo online is a search engine that has almost been neglected while Google has become so dominant in the market.

The figures above - show that Yahoo is still worth spending time on, many users still choose to search via the search engine partly because the main Yahoo page is used by millions of people worldwide.

If you have trouble getting good rankings from GoogleYahoo, then you can find that Yahoo also provides a useful way to address the lack of traffic.

Optimizing your website for Yahoo is fortunately a fairly simple process - the key point to remember is that this is a search engine that you like to use HTML as it was designed to be used - which means avoiding unethical black hat techniques.

Looking improving your Yahoo rankingsYahoo always remember that content is king. If you have great content and make a strong use of TITLEYahoo H1 and H2 tags then you have made a very good start.

In terms of the structure of your websiteYahoo you should try to make the site easier to navigate and keep things simple. Include a site map that refers to all pages of your site - Yahoo is the easiest places to go when they have a site map in place and there is also an advantage with the other major search engines.

You will also need good inbound links to succeed in Yahoo. Consider the anchor text that is used in these inbound links, you want to use your keywords in the anchor text, but do not overdo it, you could be penalized if you do.

FinalyYahoo avoid black hat techniques. The Cape Yahoo doorway pages and hidden text are all great ways to get your website completely removed from the Yahoo rankings.

Hold - you ethical ways to build your website and you will find that Yahoo can be a great source of traffic. You can learn more about improving your web presence by visiting Search SouthYahoo where Keith Barrett is employed as a consultant in the search engines. This article may be used by any website publisher Yahoo though this resource box must always be included in full.

Yahoo recently announced that they will join Google to introduce an advertising program where advertisers can pay per click. Using this method, advertisers can set a budget by selecting how much they are willing to pay per visitor and how many visitors they can afford a day.

In response to this opportunity, the sites have published ebooksYahoo tutorialsYahoo and short coursesYahoo that offer tips for website owners looking to advertise their sites using pay per click search engine programs of Google and Yahoo.

These courses illustrate the introduction of online campaignsYahoo implementation process by writing adsYahoo effective by focusing on the right marketYahoo and strategies to measure the results of your online campaigns.

"As advertisers from print hire advertising agencies to design and execute their campaign, online advertisers should be able to access seasoned advice for advertising online," said Donny LowyYahoo which is the author of the online sale: Beyond eBay.

According DonnyYahoo, there are techniques and specialized methods that are needed to do well in online advertising. Since the barrier to entry is very lowYahoo There are many website owners who are simply throwing their advertising budgets on ineffective campaigns.

"The low entry barriers mean that anyone can start advertising online because it takes less than $ 100 to start. People also see that this is an easy way to capture leads and to increase the sales."

In reality, it seems that the majority of online sites are still struggling. While there are more opportunities to make online advertising onlineYahoo and at a lower rate than before the challenge Yahoo to capture online sales seems to be the level with past ratios.

"Online entrepreneurs can beat the odds and capture more leads and increase sales online but they need to study the steps that proven online businesses have taken."

The field of search engines was also shared by eight major search engines in the past five years. But as most of these Internet upstarts have failed Yahoo remaining players were left with most of the search market. This has created opportunities for advertisers on a budget.

At the height of the fever of the Internet, there were many search engines that serve the search market. There were companies like InfoseekYahoo Open TextYahoo SnapYahoo and Direct Hit. Most search engines that operate sill receive their results of search engines as established Yahooahoo GoogleYahoo and Overture.

Since search engine users have grown in sophistication, they came to realize that these results are powered by leading search engines. These users went directly to the source and now the majority of them rely exclusively on Google and Yahoo.

Studies have shown that Google and Yahoo control 90% of marketYahoo search engine leader Google Yahoo by 10 points market.

Yahoo responded by updating their search engine with more advanced features and faster indexing.

On days when Yahoo and Google have taken months to index a new website are over. Now, website owners can see their sites appear in search engines within weeks if not days.

Competition from Google and Yahoo has allowed website owners with small internet marketing budgets to enter the market and fasterYahoo without spending too much on advertising.

One reason being that search engines themselves realize that they have more indexéYahoo most users use their service instead of the engines of competition.

New services introduced by these search engines also allow small Internet businesses to prosper by taking advantage of the advertising opportunities.

If you find yourself frustrated because competitors sites attract more traffic than your websiteYahoo a good idea would be to understand what marketing methods they use and consider trying these methods. This gives people the choice to visit your site and / or competing sites. If you are sure that your website offers a better experience or products and services that Yahoo compete using disruptive advertising techniques can help. But you should not limit yourself to only these methods because the creative methods can further improve your traffic generation. An interesting way to generate more traffic is To use Yahoo ! Reply.

Yahoo ! Responses can be a surprising choice because it was never designed to be a site for advertisers. But since people can ask about anything, it is likely for people to ask questions where the answer can be found on your website. This is where you can enjoy and mark a trackback on Yahoo ! Its most active properties.

In Yahoo ! AnswersYahoo you can create a profile where you can use the Web site you want to advertise as your "homepage". Then all you have to do is browse Yahoo ! Responses by checking the category that best matches your site and see what questions you can answer. There is also a search function If you prefer to search the site further.

When you answer a question, it is important to give priority to one that asks not your advertising. Go straight to the point and paste a link may in fact be allowed in Yahoo ! Replies but do not expect that the person asking the question noted your answer as the best solution. Be courteous and answer the question, and then add a link to your site.

The Use Of Yahoo Answers as a marketing tool has several advantages. FirstYahoo just by answering the questionYahoo you're pretty much guaranteed at least a quality visitor. Provided that the question was posted récentementYahoo it is very likely for the person to verify your site. If your profile is publicly accessible, the person can contact you directly. SecondYahoo you score points by answering questions so that you can increase your credibility if you answer many questions. This means that you must answer questions off topic just to earn more respect. FinallyYahoo Yahoo ! Answers is a public site so your response will remain displayed for anyone else to read. Yahoo !

Although Google is the target of most Yahoo Yahoo search engine optimization efforts should not be ignoredYahoo because he still commands a significant percentage of search. The good news is that you can improve your ranking in Google while helping your site rank better in Yahoo at the same time. Here is how you do it:

AlgorithmYahoo Yahoo as Google Yahoo depends heavily on links to your website. So the more links you have from other web sitesYahoo better your site will rank. However, a significant difference between the way Google ranks pages and the way Yahoo ranks pages is the kind of links each sees as being important.

For GoogleYahoo, contextual links and directory-type links are both highly valued. Contextual links are links that appear within the content of a page. The directory-style links are links that appear to instanceYahoo on a links page - after a anotherYahoo with maybe a brief description following the link. Google loves both kinds of linksYahoo so it's good to get as many of both as you can.

YahooYahoo howeverYahoo only values ​​contextual links. So if your site's ranking in Google is based primarily on directory-style links, you will not you will rank well in Yahoo. The great thing is that you can improve your ranking in Google and Yahoo simply by getting more contextual links. A great way to get these kinds of links is by writing and distributing articles and putting your link in a resource box the size of a paragraph.

So instead of just focusing on GoogleYahoo why not get as much traffic as you can by taking the steps necessary to increase your Yahoo rankingsYahoo while benefiting from your site ranking in Google ?

Not only Yahoo finally joined the world of geo-targeting, but it seems the search engine giant claims a status of "best practice" among its larger competitors. The company is on track to control the link between location and search.

The turning point for the YahooYahoo saysYahoo company was its acquisition in 2005 of the London-based Whoonearth Inc.Yahoo who had developed a proprietary system that helped recognize locations in search queries. The company also opted to add a data collection function to its system called My LocationsYahoo that allows users to manage daily landing spots on the InternetYahoo weatherYahoo such as entertainment and retail local sites. The data allow Yahoo to better understand the interests and geographic preferences of its users.

Both mechanismsYahoo powerful in combination with tracking Yahoo adressesYahoo IP created geographic targeting model affinéYahoo very well researched for advertisers.

In essenceYahoo, it has become the substance to support the supposition that consumers Yahoo Yahoo for most want to shop locally.

Geo-targeting is simpleYahoo easily applied and useful to advertisers of all sizes and in all so businessesYahoo Yahoo push for dominance makes sense. It gives all advertisers a far deeper level of control over their advertising. More detailed information on Yahoo's search habits of users is just the type of detail localYahoo regional and national advertisers have been waiting for. It has significant advantages for the three approaches. These marketing specialists can use that knowledge to customize national campaigns by zone, by focusing on specific regional service areas .; andYahoo identify potential customers to the neighborhood level.

It is this type of innovation and forward-thinking company that switches to the geo-targeting excellenceYahoo and will continue to push deeper into the local market.

So you want to apply for Yahoo. Assuming you are not already listed in the index, your first step is to find the category page that best suits your site. At the bottom of that category page will be a small "Suggest a Site" link. Click it to access the site submission page. If there is no link "suggest a site" then the page that you are not used to add ads itYahoo, most likely because it is a high-level page very general. Keep searching until you find your niche right ! When finding your Niche categoryYahoo try to find one that reduces your chances of being buried alive by other site lists.

Follow the instructions or Yahoo ! If you try to bypass their rules, they will ban you. Do not try to break the rules by doing things like using too numbersYahoo free promotional language or brand names in your descriptions. This is a situation where too many SEO in your copy can really hurt you.

This may sound strange, especially in a business that seems to be all about promoting yourself, but Yahoo will frown on any title and description reads like a copy of promotional advertising. What Yahoo wants This is a descriptive title and description without any hype (and this includes phrases such as "the best realtor in the city" and "unparalleled service").

As you improve your chances of acceptance if you can keep your meta description tag about 15-20 words. You might as well publish it now before Yahoo did to do the you !

As Yahoo list its sites alphabetically, it might also be useful to choose a name that is among the first five or six letters of the alphabet. If you can find an appropriate title for your site, starting with AYahoo B or C so be sure to use it because it will rank you higher in the search engine pages Yahoo !

Anthony Gregory is a SEO and website promoterYahoo he can be contacted at sales (at)

As a business owner, you wear many hats and you have countless responsibilities. Therefore, you are not always able to follow opportunities that could advance your business. It is the nature of running a business.

After a while an opportunity presents itself you should definitely not miss. In this case, it is a list of companies on Google and Yahoo Local. Not only can it generate targeted traffic in your areaYahoo, but the list is free. And here's another reason why you need to jump on thisYahoo it does not matter if you have a website or notYahoo you will still have the free list.

Why would you want a free business listing with Google and Yahoo ?

Because they are the two largest onlineYahoo research resources and account for approximately 78% of total search results. But even more important is the fact that your customers are looking for local products and services online in greater numbers. In some surveys, it is suggested that 25% of all internet searches are local in nature.

Your customers are turning away from bulky yellow pages. Instead use the rich resources of Internet content. You have to wonder - if competitors have registered and you are not Yahoo when searching online prospect which company will be the most likely to end up with a new client ?

How hard is it to register your business ?

It can be done in under an hour. Below are two sites:

Business Center Local -

Yahoo Local (Click "Add / Edit" link at the bottom of the page)

The benefits of local registration

In addition to the excellent exposureYahoo you get to the list of important details about your business including Yoo:

• Company Name

• Address

• Phone

• E-mail adress

* Web address

* Accepted payment methods

• Marks was

• Products / services

• Special

In addition to the company detailsYahoo Google and Yahoo both provide an interactive map to locate your business. I'm sure most of you have used the mapping service of either of these search engines and know how convenient it is to find a company. Not only customers can find out who you are, but they can also locate you.

As I mentioned Yahoo none of these services require a siteYahoo website, but when you combine your ad with a link to a killer website, you are able to do the conversion of the serious customers. For those who do not have a Yahoo siteYahoo website offers a free site of 5 pages. It allows you to get a basic web presence until you get the real thing on.

At present, few companies take advantage of local Internet marketing. For those results show a higher ROIYahoo and an improved customer conversion rate.

The future of your local business will depend on how effectively you can reach your customers online. Get a free listing on Google and Yahoo Local is a great start.

To maximize traffic to your website through search engines, you need to focus on the Big3 !

Who are the Big3 ? They are Google. MSN and Yahoo search. This article will take you through these three search engines and what you can expect from them in terms of achieving results both short term and long term basis.

As a search engine Google continues to dominateYahoo Yahoo and MSN the next two choices for people

using the search market. While in general Google is a clear leader as first preference for internet users when trying to find something of interest on the internetYahoo, not necessarily in all categories. In some categories, you will find web site traffic from MSN and Yahoo search is considerably more than Google.

Thus, it is important when optimizing your website to target not just Google but all Big3 (GoogleYahoo MSNYahoo and Yahoo).

Some of our websites have reached the top 10 rankings and first place for main keywords in MSN whereas Google can take up to 3 times longer in comparison.

While the Googlebot will pick a new website quicklyYahoo usually only a business name will reach a high ranking quicklYahoo not your main keywords. Often new websites listed in Google's search results will not achieve high rankings for many moisYahoo and very competitive keywords six months. In saying that Google loves unique content; So, for websites that are not in a competitive market and provide something new and different Top 10 rankings can be achieved in a month or two.

Due to the amount of time it takes to achieve those rankings, it is important that your website is always monitored and keywords are monitored regularly to ensure you keep ahead of your competitors. Continuous optimization of your website may be necessary to ensure that you not only get top rankings in the first placeYahoo but you keep.

Note: Using a company of professional search engine marketing like Quantum Web Solutions will benefit you greatly in achieving these rankings. We also know various techniques that help drive traffic to your website much earlier.

the BIG3

Google Search: for those watching the statistics of their website (which is highly recommended if you want to make sure your website is doing well) you will notice that the Google spider can visit your day whenever a website your website is launched for the first time. However, unless your website does provide something new or uniqueYahoo now * it is very unlikely that you will get high rankings for anything other than your company name in a short period of time.

It is also possible that there are keywords that attain higher rankingsYahoo, but if they are competitive keywords in a competitive market, then it will be very unlikely. If you offer a service or product that is new and / or uniqueYahoo then you definitely have more opportunity to reach these high rankings as Google loves new content.

For very competitive markets, you can watch up to six months to see your keywords bringing in traffic from the search engine want you want. In these cases, if you need to bring in quicklyYahoo traffic, we suggest the establishment of a pay-per-click campaign. There are also other sources that can help to bring traffic to your site sooner than thisYahoo we are able to provide as part of our services.

For new and / or single offeringsYahoo Google website will give high rankings faster for a couple of reasons: 1. It is an opportunity to bring something new to the WWW.

2. There is less competition so there is not as much to compete with search results; so if your website is properly optimized achieving high rankings will be much easier and faster.

MSN Search: MSN is generally much faster in the collection of a new website and itYahoo list, but if your website is properly optimized, it is possible to achieve high rankings in MSN search results in less a moisYahoo, even in markets that are relatively competitive. This is not guaranteedYahoo but I have seen it happen many times.

So while generally MSN search will not always give you the same amount of traffic that Google search will; it has the advantage over Google that in the short term, it will drive more visitors to your website.

Yahoo Search: While Yahoo Search can bring a constant flow of traffic in your website, the challenge lies in being listed first with them. I have seen sites taken over by Yahoo and Spider listed in a month, but these are rare occasions. Normally, it can take at least three months if not more for Yahoo to visit your website in the first placeYahoo any techniques are used. Once Yahoo search picks up a website to the top of howeverYahoo it does not take very long for a website to achieve good rankings and to start driving traffic to a website.

There are many different search engines, but many of them feed their results directly from One Big3. By focusing most of your search engine marketing efforts around these troiseYahoo you are very likely to see web site traffic from other search engines.

For anyone who is new to marketing Yahoo search engine lists the high realization processes for your business can seem daunting. However, with the right approach and focus it will not be long before you see string results not only from the Big3 enginesYahoo research, but many other sources on the web.

If you're going to have a chance of success in your work at home or Internet businessYahoo you will have to make sure you know how to use opening for driving visitors to your website. OvertureYahoo now known as Yahoo (since the takeover) Yahoo has designed a marketing tool when they noticed that there was a huge amount of people coming online to shop. They immediately knew that advertising was going to be a big deal.

NowYahoo to attract visitors to your website siteYahoo your ads should be highly visible. Yahoo knew queYahoo so they developed a tool that would bring more visitors to their siteYahoo thus would make them more money. So the tool they have developed is that the announcement of a company will be displayed if certain words were typed into the search engine.

Now that they have a powerful tool they are able to provide for the use of the company who want to attract targeted visitors to their own website. What if targeted visitor makes is that they have actually typed in the Yahoo search engine keywords that your product relates. So if your ad should appear it would most likely Yahoo Yahoo relevant therefore increase sales. Now with a large volume of targeted visitors Yahoo even a small percentage of sales still mean a big profit for the company due to the volume of traffic sheared.

This is probably the life blood of every business to have a substantial base of customers and prospects. This is also true and possible, even more relevant for a home business or internet business. Therefore, most of your attention will be devoted to generating traffic to your website as you grow businessYahoo because each visitor become my customers and, hopefully, a repeat customer.

Yahoo (formerly Overture) and Google AdWords are very similar in that they use keyword and searchesYahoo expression to determine which web pages and ads to display on search engine results pages.

Announcements and research I refer to isYahoo when someone types keywords into the search engine to what ever they searchingYahoo a results page is displayed with the relevant web pages that contain those specific keywords. To the right of the page are paid advertisements relevant to specific keywords that were searched.

For example, if you run a web designing website. You choose the keywords that are relevant to your web design company. You add the keywordsYahoo your customers are looking for in the search engines. So when a potential customer searches for these keywordsYahoo your website is displayed on the results page.

Now, due to the fact that there are a wide variety of business all over the world offering everything you could think of Yahoo it becomes difficult to achieve a high position in the pages of generic results. Thus, Yahoo and Google have developed an advertising tool that allows businesses to pay for specific keywords that are relevant to their business. So now when a search is performed on those specific keywords their ads appear on the right of the search results page.

Each time someone clicks on these ads the advertiser should pay Yahoo or Google the agreed cost per click.

These paid advertisements allows everyone a great advantage to be able to advertise their products or services and get a high enough ranking on results pages of search engines. This type of advertising is known as pay per click name or PPC.

There are several ways to incorporate these ads to your business. There is also a choice you can have your ads displayed on websites of third parties that are relevant to your business. A similar principle is used. You have to pay when someone clicks on your ad.

This allows you a greater variety of display options and so if you are able to View more ads the chance is that you will be noticed more by your basic target customers and ultimately make more sales.

This is undoubtedly a great place to start to promote your work from home or Internet business and securing some targeted visitors to your website from the start. You will need to monitor and configure your budgetYahoo which is very easy to doYahoo like Yahoo and Google make it very easy to configure.

Many internet marketers have used this method to start advertising their business and used the profits to reinvest in this type of advertising and have benefited greatly.

In conclusion, There are many ways that you could start to advertise your work at home business or online at low cost or even free. However, although I would not call this method a low-cost option is affordable and will provide results. So go to Yahoo and Google and see how you can use this in your own business.

A toned body draws attention and admiration. A shaped body and flexible accumulates the energy to be efficient at the optimum level. Staying fit also improves confidence and gives the impetus to move forward in life. Only those who are fit can survive the race and competition in life. Work out at the gym is an obvious thing to do to stay in shape. In addition to eating healthy foods the time spent in the gym is the prescription for those who want to lose weight and become fit.

Websites that want to improve their visibility and profitability on the Internet must be search engine and social media. This fitness can be achieved by working with the three most popular search engines - GoogleYahoo Yahoo and MSN (GYM). The websites still claim to be on top of search engine results. Only the adjustment can withstand the rigors of competition of business today. Similarly, only the search engine corresponding to websites can attract the attention of buyers and increase visibility and sales of products and services with which they deal. Otherwise, it is quite possible that a website will get lost in the crowded and homogenous cyberspace - unnoticed nor consulted.

What it means to be GoogleYahoo YahooYahoo and MSN (gym) Adjustment

This simply means that your website must be worked so that it becomes easily searchable on these three popular search engines - MSN and GoogleYahoo YahooYahoo. Your website reaches fitness search engine when it is fully prepared for submission to search engines. The installer and supplier, the best siteYahoo web is the chance to come to the top of search results.

The first step towards this is to get a set of keywords that the search engines love. As obtain membership of a gym not built automatically musclesYahoo just get keywords related to your website will not build the ability of your website to the search engines. The content of your website should be written and rewritten with an appropriate mixture of these keywords. Incorporating keywords must meet the standards of the search engines. Too many keywords might ban your website by search engines. And a shortage of keywords would not produce the desired results and would run counter to the overall objective of adding keywords. Just as the right amount of time spent on the

The spiders of the search engines are computers and they use a complex algorithm that SEO experts understand. Besides adding keywords to content, there are hundreds of other factors related to the optimization of search engines. As a novice you dabble in what you can out-do things and then risk getting banned your website Search Engine Completely or blacklist. It is better to leave this job to a professional SEO. A certified fitness trainer knows exactly how to target muscle groups to help growthYahoo appearance and performance. Left to your own devicesYahoo you can work on or too little for a visible advantage. Or worse stillYahoo you can hurt yourself by not exercising you in the proper manner. The exercise according to the plan of a certified coach and slowly yet surely yield results. Similarly, effective SEO professionals are able to improve the ranking of your website through a systematic approach. They know what keywords to use and how often in the content. They suggest to create blogs for your website and make them popular on social media networks. By using other techniques such as social book markingYahoo add imagesYahoo and linkages that will push the ranking of your website. The combination of

Visibility in the media and Profits through fitness search engine

More and more users choose Internet and search engines to buy products and request services. Trends in advertising expenditures by sellers and buyers behavior indicates that change is clearly pronounced to the Internet more than any other form of media. The Internet is about to become the dominant player among all sources of media for its easy accessibility and cheap.

Exposure on the Internet is both affordable and sustainable. Advertising for one day in a national or regional newspaper, the daily cost of tens of thousands of dollars. With much less thatYahoo a website can be set up and made to be search engine optimized. The website remains as long as the owner wants. The TV ads are gone in seconds. The viewer will get a drink in the fridge and the ad is gone. There is a greater possibility that the viewer simply cut the channel or change the channel when your ad is on. A 30-second spot on TV is just as expensive. A CPM (cost per thousand) of $ 20 for a 30-second spot s' Addressing a million viewers watching a program would cost $ 20,000. For less than half the cost, you can start a well designed website and use the services of an expert SEO professional to improve its search engine visibility. In addition, traditional advertising wastes nearly half the advertising money by focusing on the wrong demographic or missing altogether the target audience. In 2006, nearly 220 billion over the 428 billion dollars spent on advertising worldwide have been wasted. This waste is almost nonexistent in Internet advertising Yahoo specifically in website creation and web site promotion through SEO. Collapse this colossal waste results in the money savedYahoo reduces costs and better profits. For these reasons, prefer advertisers increasingly use the Internet as an advertising medium. By 2011, the ads on the Internet will exceed advertising on other media.

Social media allows two-way interaction, unlike traditional media, which allow only the voices of vendors to be heard. It is quite logical to target the required audience and the reach affordable thanks to the optimization of search engines. A GYM (GoogleYahoo YahooYahoo and MSN search engine) made website is more likely to come to the top of the results of the search engine Yahoo attract more trafficYahoo and convert more visitors into sales. Is not the goal sought by all producers and sellers ? Then go to the GYM and reaping the benefits. The sooner you do best. RememberYahoo you are never too late for fitness exercises and your website n ' is never too late to fitness. Make sure to consult the relevant professional (a doctor and a certified fitness trainer for fitness and professional SEO ace for fitness) before you jump in either company.

Doug Dvorak is the CEO of DMG Inc.Yahoo a worldwide organization that assists clients with the formation of the Yahoo corporate productivity and humor workshopsYahoo and other aspects of the management of sales and marketing. Mr. Dvorak's clients are characterized as Fortune 1000 companies, small businesses, civic organizations and service companies. Mr. Dvorak has earned an international reputation for his powerful teaching methods and motivational techniques as well as experience in all levels of education and corporate training for success.

Pay for performanceYahoo Shortly P4PYahoo is the basis of business practice as Yahoo (formerly Overture) invented. Anticipating the explosion of Internet business and the role of advertising in the Yahoo worldYahoo entered the league earlier with efficient devices much earlier.

Ads are needed to attract visitors to a website and get an increase in sales. Yahoo offers an opportunity for sites to place their ads displayed when the user touches a key word or key phrase.

When the user types a keyword or search resultYahoo phraseYahoo with the advertisements displayed on the right side of the screen. These advertising links undoubtedly attract visitors to the sites and increase their traffic. Even if only a fraction of the traffic is converted into real salesYahoo is surely an advantageous feature that sites seek.

The advertising principle of Yahoo is very similar to Google AdSense.

In YahooYahoo when a user searches for a specific keyword or phraseYahoo if you had given the same keywords for your siteYahoo your ads are displayed. It is not necessary that your website has been search engine optimized. Just correspondence keywordsYahoo your ads are shown.

But you need to pay Yahoo for the service. Yahoo charges a fee based on the number and nature of your keywords and the number of times your ads are clicked by the user. This expense is really justifiable ads that pop up when a user searches for a keyword related to your site invariably increases traffic to your site with this fact in sales and ultimately your profit.

Even third-party sites would place your adsYahoo if your site was linked to their area of ​​operation.

Place ads in this way is definitely a low cast, but effective marketing strategy that results in immediate benefits on a large scale.

Before Yahoo Yahoo resumes, it was known as On opening. It was the first to realize that the Internet would develop quickly and become a great way for people to use because it was more convenient to buy online. They were the first to start performance pay or p4pYahoo as it is called.

For people to visit your siteYahoo, you must be very accessible. You must have a way for others to be able to get to your site and you want to buy from you. Yahoo has become a major research means when it comes to post your ad with them so that your site becomes more searchable.

When you make more and more people aware of your websiteYahoo then there is a chance that you will gain more traffic and there is a potential for more customers. Yahoo makes this possible by giving others a way to be able to search and find your website. They offer business services to generate more traffic to their sites and this will in turn more sales.

There are many methods used on the Internet to general high traffic flow to a website. This is the goal of every business and so a company grows a successful business on the internet. They must find ways to get others to come shopping with them.

Yahoo offers services to help a business generate more traffic for different keywords that are used. There are certain keywords or key phrases that you can use to make them more searchable site. These are called ad words. This means that there is a set of words or phrases you can use to attract more visitors with the words they enter a search engine when they are looking for a service. Sometimes you can acquire affiliates to add to your site to help generate profits.

Here is an example of using keywords:

You sell perhaps wholesale auto parts. You start your website and want to generate more visitors to your site. What you need to do is come up with a list of keywords or keyword phrases to use so that when a person types the word in the search box on Yahoo Tags: you can be in the wholesale auto parts. You start your website and want to generate more visitors to your site. What you need to do is come up with a list of keywords or key phrases to use, so that when a person types the word in the search box YahooYahoo your site appear in the search results list.

The more you use the keyword or keyword phrase in your contentYahoo higher website in the search results, it will appear. Sometimes it can be hard work to find with these keywords or keyword phrasesYahoo but you will get the benefit of your site appear higher on the list.

There are many sites that provide support to companies putting their ads on their websites. This also helps to generate more traffic. This is called an affiliate program. The more people who are advertising for youYahoo the more you increase your chances of people visiting your site and buy from you.

There is so much competition on the internet when starting a business online. A company must be able to track and find good ideas to set them apart from autresYahoo if they want to succeed. Sometimes it takes money for a company to be moneyYahoo but there are many services that you can find to help you are offered free or at little cost. It does not hurt to find a good marketing service that can help.

Ted Theodore is a prolific author and successful online entrepreneur.

Say you have a new business or websiteYahoo how do you get GoogleYahoo AskYahoo Yahoo and Bing to index your site ?? Let alone give it a high ranking ?

WellYahoo I have compiled a list of things that every webmaster / website owner or Internet enthusiast could do and in some cases, Yahoo should do to ensure that a website is indexed in as little as a day or two.

10 steps to get your site indexed in a day....

1. Create at least 3-7 pages of content.

HeyyYahoo a page "Coming Soon" Yahoo or "Under Construction" with an animated GIF workman type of construction was awesome in the 90s, but nowadays, it does not get you very far... Create some content pages read-remember text decent in the image format can not be crawled !! Make sure you do the basic SEO stuff correctly:

Each page should have a unique page title

Each page should have a unique meta tag for description and keywords

All links / href must have "Title" properties and images must have properties "Alt" descriptive.

Avoid message "loading" or a page redirect to your main home page

2. Create a template / menu structure

Make sure that all pages are linked together using a Model menu structure. IdeallyYahoo links / href must be textual and descriptive so they can be easily spotted.

3. Make sure the HTML pages properly trained

Go to or use the W3C validator - to ensure that your pages are well formed. Search engines will give you a lower rank or even ignore you if your pages are poorly written and does not include enough information. I also recommend ensuring that your website is compatible with browsers crossed using a tool like Multi-Browser Viewer or similar.

4. Create a sitemap.

Sitemaps have evolved over the years and there are still various forms there (HTMLYahoo RSS and sitemaps Graphics). Google and other major search engines have adopted a common thoughYahoo standard that will list all the pages of your website and help to identify the most important pages. There are a lot of free generators. For smaller sites, I recommend this one:

5. Create an event Webmaster tools account and submit / Ping Sitemap.

After creating your sitemap and have downloaded the Sitemap at the root of your websiteYahoo you must submit a sitemap to various search engines. It is recommended to create a webmaster tools account with the various major search engines:

Google Google has a very useful facilityYahoo webmaster tools allows you to see additional information that is useful to all webmasters. It is essentially Google your website.

Bing Webmaster Tools Bing ahs also improved significantly over the last year or soYahoo, but it is not quite as useful as Google for now.

Yahoo even less useful than BingYahoo but necessary for now.

After registering the various tools Webmaster, you can resubmit updates or ping your updated sitemap to the search engines at any time, but must be crawled and updated automatically. Motor Search Sitemap Ping /

Note: Google requires that you first SUBMIT him your sitemap through the Webmaster Tools interface. It was only then that you can ping using the URL above. Yahoo and allow table to act as a submission as well.

6. Links from busy bookmarking sites

These sites are visited regularly by search engines, so if there is a link to your website, it will be indexed quickly enough. You will need to register with these sitesYahoo for you to link to your site. Some bookmarking sites that you can use include Del.icio.UsYahoo BlinkListYahoo and Social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace will also be useful. Try to tie using some of the popular phrases as the list at the bottom of the page BlinkList. At the end of the day, it is to obtain high quality links to your site.

6. Create / comment on a blog.

Create a blog on or another supplier of blogging (there are many options for blogging these days) and start blogging about your area of ​​expertise and how it relates to your website. Feel free to promote your siteYahoo as it contributes to open discussion and is not just another fake blog / marketing scheme. The alternative is to mention your website in a comment on a blog linked someone elseYahoo, but again, it must be part of a discussion where you make a contribution to the blog of the person !

7. Comment on a popular forum / help pages.

Be sure to include your website URL within your forum profile and comment on a forum that you deYahoo part or help a newbie on a topic you're an expert in a linked deYahoo or forum Site help. It is also good karma web !

8. Install and activate Google Analytics

Google analytics is probably one of the coolest free offers for any webmaster. Register for free to Google Analytics You will have to add a simple script to all your HTML pages to make sure it is followed properlyYahoo, but the information you get out of it is extremely valuable and will help you improve and better target your pages over time .

9. Use Google AdSense

If it makes sense for your website, consider Execute Google advertising on your website. Although AdSense and AdWords are expected to be indexed separately indexingYahoo Google search There is some evidence to contraryYahoo and some sites that serve AdSense advertising have been indexed faster than other sites that do not serve AdSense advertising. HeyyYahoo you might even earn a few dollars it may be worth a shotYahoo right ?!

10. Use Google AdWords

Again very similar to the point 9Yahoo no real evidence that advertising your website domain with Google AdWords would really bienfaisantahoo, but if you want to cover all your bases and get indexed as soon as possible its usefulness at a trial... less AdWords allow you to drive targeted traffic to your site with minutes. Using Google Analytics above, you can also track conversions and start measuring your return on investment.

If you follow these 10 steps your site should be crawled by Bing and Yahoo GoogleYahoo enough quicklyYahoo course I can not guarantee your site is crawled in a day... but do the 10 steps above will go a long way to ensure you are indexed and crawled quickly. Remember that the above could ensure you get indexed and included in search engines quicklyYahoo but only a regularly updated siteYahoo with a high quality useful content Yahoo will ensure you get high rankings in the various search engine.

Microsoft and Yahoo have announced a 10-year pact for Microsoft to provide search results to Yahoo through their new being the search engine. This dealYahoo although probably good for both partiesYahoo still does not close the gap enough to sweat profusely Google.

Both have a dance for about a year and a half and just when it seemed that Yahoo was ready to go further in the bed with GoogleYahoo agreement is finally sealed. According to Microsoft's terms dealYahoo will pay Yahoo 88% of revenue generated on Yahoo's website but they will not pay any money upfront Yahoo is good for Microsoft as it tries to close the gap in the market for search behemoth Google. The combination of the two would give the new search engine Bing from Microsoft about 30% of the search market is just over three times what it currently produces.

Although it is too early to predict the real competition Bing remain powYahoo early warnings seem to suggest that this is a major upgrade over the MSN search and offers unique options for researchers looking additional information when they perform a search online.

For search engine optimization (SEO) worldYahoo not much has changed (again) because Microsoft's new search engine works and operates somewhat similar to Google. Building quality links quality content and user generated content (opinionsYahoo feedbackYahoo audioYahoo videosYahoo ratingsYahoo etc.) seem to carry much weight, as they do with Google. This is not to suggest that Bing is trying to be a better GoogleYahoo, but with over 60% market share, is that it would be a terrible strategy for Microsoft ? So what does this mean for your business ? WellYahoo it is another opportunity to attract new eyes, especially if this arrangement creates an impetus for the partnership while reducing the gap on Google. This also means that Google will probably take swift action to counter this movement, which means that researchers should benefit from all the way through more free content. HopefullyYahoo for search advertisers payésYahoo it provides respite from the "Google Slap" dreaded with legitimate competition to lower search marketing spending. This could also provide an opportunity for practitioners organic SEO carving a niche by targeting Microsoft's new search engine instead of trying to reverse the Google algorithm in an attempt to improve rankings. SaidYahoo that the principles of optimizing the successful search should remain your focus as owner of

In meantimeYahoo continue to follow as you, but keep your eyes open just in case Microsoft finally "sneaks" into Google (snicker

Want to know how you can get top rankings for your website in GoogleYahoo Yahoo and MSN ? These are the major search engines used on the Internet and everyone wants to see high up their own web sites through these search engines. High rankings for your keywords means more traffic to your site.

It is important to understand that search engines such as Yahoo and MSN GoogleYahoo use a ranking system that involves the quality of the site to help determine the height on the results it should be. It is often defined by the number of sites that link to this page. A high quality website will be more sites that are connected and more people talk about it. This is the way back links are very important when you are looking for top rankings.

Remember it is not quantity but quality when obtaining links. You do not want to link with low quality sites because this will only bring you down. The sites receive a rank value and page you want to link with sites that have higher page rank values. Links from sites with higher page rank values ​​will be given more rank so this benefit you in getting top rankings for your website in GoogleYahoo Yahoo and MSN.

Some other things to know when obtaining top rankings for your website in GoogleYahoo Yahoo and MSN is how to write a meta tag in your source code. Use relevant meta tags will help your pages to appear in relevant keyword search results for your topics.

NextYahoo you can also manually submit your website to many different free and paid directories such as Yahoo DmozYahoo Google DirectoryYahoo DirectoryYahoo Business.comYahoo AolYahoo NetscapeYahoo best of the Web and more. All these directories supply 90% of the search engines.

There are also sites that allow you to submit your URL in one place and they then submit to all common search engines on your behalf.

Here are some things that can affect the ranking of a page in the major search engines:



Keyword Title

Anchor keyword


Quality inbound links

These factors play an important role in how your site and individual pages that make up your website will be ranked by GoogleYahoo Yahoo and MSN. While it is recommended that you hire a professional to help you with SEO and search engine rankingsYahoo There are some things that you can try on your own.

Here are some ideas to improve your ranking on search engines:

Learn to select the right keywords.

Use your chosen keywords in the titles of your pages.

Learn how to select the right domain name for your SEO needs.

Use keywords in file names and folders.

Make your keywords part of your meta description.

Use the chosen keywords in your navigation.

Create the useful keywords content and how to repeat it usefully.

Gather a few inbound links from high quality.

Link with the text of the keyword instead of the default message "click here."

Create a site map with the keywords used.

These tips are easy enough for you to try them yourself without having to hire a professional SEO service. The only thing that you should avoid at all costs is cheatingYahoo manipulate the system or trying to "trick" the search engines to rank your pages higher. If caught doing these activities sournoisYahoo your sites can be completed banished these popular search engines.

A very interesting story and potentially critical emerged in recent days in business news. This is the top-down decision of working conditions made by the newly selected CEO of Yahoo ! Marissa Mayer. Ms. Mayer announced that teleworking among company employees will be eliminated. Although this decision was intended only circulated internally, she quickly escaped us and sparked a rapid and virulent debate on productivity and innovation in advanced-and by extension the rest of companies we.

To be clear, I have been and continue to be an enthusiastic supporter of all workplace practices that promote creative collaboration and autonomy and productivity and humanity. And among the exciting changes that have emerged in the midst of post-industrial labor, there is recognition by employers to adopt flexible working conditions, many of which reach the same objectives.

Common examples include open work places "without office" that encourage interaction and remote working sharingYahoo through technology, whether at home or other places suitable for productionYahoo and workplaces which include benefits as childcareYahoo gymsYahoo and ping pong tables. The underlying belief of management in these types of arrangements is that workplaces should focus on results-only work environment that encourages employees to produce individual styles and even idiosyncratic as long as the deliverables are made measurable.

A management approach adopting an attitude that trusts its employees to produce value when they are given the freedom to choose schedulesYahoo environmentsYahoo colleaguesYahoo and problem solving approaches is the tendency of working conditions. So why Ms. MayerYahoo, product GoogleYahoo Silicon ValleyyYahoo and data driven decision makingYahoo, she made the decision to eliminate one of the flexible telecommuting practices experiencing the most rapid growth ? The apparent answer is to restore a lost culture of innovation.

Innovation has become the Holy Grail of business, especially in the service industry and Internet-based content. Yahoo ! was once a great player in the early days of the web. It was one of the first to establish a single place to shopping searchYahoo emailYahoo newsYahoo shopping and much more. Since the mid-1990s lancYahoo howeverYahoo it loses market share to many leading innovators such as GoogleYahoo AppleYahoo and AmazonYahoo that currently dominate the web. Yahoo ! is in trouble. Survival is in doubt.

Does the sacking all employees at the ranch will reinvigorate a competitive advantage and an innovative advantage or is it a desperate move based on the fear that if the old business standards are not applied again now will sink ? Time will tell, but this story raises the question of what it takes to create working conditions that inspire employees to innovate and produce at optimal levels.

The valuation of the original ability to solve problems and adapt will encourage high levels of creativity in any labor. When management applauds new ideas, exercise imaginationYahoo and learn instead to avoid errors Yahoo, innovation flourishes.

For most of us unlearn the way we were educated can lead to more creativity. Our schools have been designed to produce workers for the industrial age not much more sophisticated information age we have just entered. SamenessYahoo stiffness and compliance characterize the way most of us have been educated. The evaluation methods are little more than ways to measure accountability and compliance with these standards.

This outdated model of education is often replicated in too many companies who attach more importance to tradition and innovation. Consequently, innovation is often stifled at a time when it is most needed to remain competitive and relevant. My concern with Yahoo ! last thing he did is that he seems to be a reach for an old style practice of responsibility during a period of anxiety. It is as if the thought was not traditional practices of labor did not give us an advantage so concurrentiel.revenons to what worked before.

I have no doubt that Marissa Mayer will use the data over time to determine what works and what does not work to foster innovation at Yahoo !. For the rest of us, we will have an interesting experience to watch with lessons for the future of business and facilitation of innovative workforce.

As someone who deals with pay per click accounts for a number of clients, I know there is an extreme focus on the Google program. Of course, this concentration is quite justified because of the results that are achievable. With control over about 70% of the search market you understand that if you run an excellent pay per click campaign you're guaranteed to see more traffic to your website and make more sales. However, Google is not the only game in town.

Microsoft AdCenter program is an opportunity that many marketers miss.

For my clients, I manage both Google and Microsoft AdCenter pay per click accounts so that I can see the information provided by the two programs dealing with a number of different sectors. Of all the different data that your account provides you with there are two numbers that count the most when contrasting programs. The first is the number of impressions you receive from the program and the second primary and is the charge per click. It is a pay per click is why I think this program is generally neglected. Using Microsoft AdCenter you get Pay Per Click advertisements on Bing and Yahoo

For a while now Microsoft has provided search results for its own Bing search engine and Yahoo's search engine. It actually started with pay per click program when Yahoo closed its Yahoo search advertising program and since the alliance was expanded to consist of organic search results from Yahoo as well. The advantage of this relationship for marketers is that Microsoft AdCenter account you will certainly run ads on both search engines. The two combined search engines are not yet close to get the amount of searches that Google did however set two search engines still provide millions of people around the world with search results every day. And they do this for the simple explanation that everyone does not want to use Google to look for things.

Not as much research but it is a pay per click option much cheaper to Google

So, of course, the two combined search engines do not receive as much research as Google did, but they still deal with millions of searches per day. That's a significant number, but there is more reason to give Microsoft AdCenter pay per click program a shot. It's cheaper than the Google program. Just how much cheaper is it ? Even the most competitive keywords, you can expect to pay a minimum of 50% less than you do by Google and for most keywords, you save even more. For example, I have a client in the real estate sector, which Google will pay at least $ 5 and usually much more received click, but Microsoft AdCenter they pay about $ 1 per click for the same keywords.

Consider dividing your spending plan and advertising by Google and Microsoft AdCenter

Many small businesses can not afford to just throw money at an advertising program and hope that it works. You got to have the best for your dollar. Of course, if you invest in pay per click, you should make use of Google. But if your budget is large enough, you should definitely consider putting a few dollars budget in a Microsoft AdCenter account. This is exactly what I suggested to my own clients pay per click. Of course, if your budget is small, it is difficult to share these dollars. The question you must answer is: what is the size of your market ? If you want to advertise your products or services nationwide and Microsoft AdCenter program can be a wise way to go. This is because you can easily spend your budget thanks to a high number of searches and you can get more clicks for your money. However, if you are limited geographically, then you will probably need to go with Google to ensure your ads appear as many people as possible. This is where impressions count because they can provide a very good indication of the exact size of your market.

We recognize Google works but I really recommend to examine Microsoft AdCenter. Depending on your circumstances, it can either help you reach more of the search market or it can give you a cheaper option to use Google.

directory submission is not as easy as adding URLs to search engines. This only adds your URLsYahoo press the Submit button and then take a rest to wait for results. HoweverYahoo directory submission takes more complex steps:

1. category selection

2. title and description website

3. details.

If you have no idea which category is appropriate for your website themeYahoo themey you've got to use your targeted keywords to search the directory and review the websites and descriptions on the results from your searches. Some web directories contain guidelines it is recommended to read before submitting an application. Another method to find categories that match your website is subject to search the web directory using the names or URLs of your competitors sites and see which categories those sites are listed below.

In addition to Yahoo if your website is targeted in Yahoo niche market you are suggested for local directoryyYahoo not general directory. For example, if your website provides a car rental service in Sydney AustraliaYahoo, you must submit your site to Yahoo ! Regional instead of top level Yahoo ! Directory.

Yahoo ! From Submission Directory

Some web directories are valuable and merit further research as Yahoo ! Directory. This is a paid directory that charge us US $ 299 to review your submissionYahoo but not guaranteed for inclusion. It is possible that you spend $ 299 and get nothing in return. To have your websites included in Yahoo ! DirectoryYahoo please be sure to choose the right category and have well written descriptions and relevant.

Dmoz Submission

Dmoz is another important web directory which is edited and maintained by volunteers. Due to lack of volunteers editorsYahoo it takes at least six months for your sites are examined. By CONSA © quently, register at Dmoz is a test of patience and perseverance.

Steps to submit your websites to Dmoz successfully:

1. Presentation of a Website

2. Wait three months

3. Send e-mail to the editors that support class to apply for status

4. Wait for another three months

5. Send e-mail to the editor who is in charge of the higher category

6. Wait for another three months

7. Find support in the ODP forum

8. Wait one month

9. Send emails to several editors and seek help in various forums

The Rules Of Presentation:

1. Do not submit your site once, unless your site is excluded by the search engines.

2. Find the specific category and follow each step accordingly.

3. Create a brief (less than 25 words).

4. Use the current contents of your sites. Do not use exaggerated words that mislead editors.

5. Avoid excessive use of keywords in the site description.

6. Remain humble. Do not use a false statement.

7. Be patient. It takes at least six months for your site to be included in the directory. Repeated submissions will not speed up the process.

It is long and laborious to submit your website to web directories. But that brings long-term benefits.

It's no secret that contribute to Yahoo ! Answers community is a great way to get exposure for your brandYahoo build high quality linksYahoo and direct targeted traffic to your page. A less known benefit of Yahoo ! Replies siteYahoo howeverYahoo is the ability to get your site ranked for long tail keywords in the search engines. How to begin to attract more traffic through long tail keywords.

Step-determine a specific need.

Browse unanswered questions on the site that relate to your niche. Search for people who seek precise answers to a problem with the content of your website. For instanceYahoo if you ran a CV using websiteYahoo you could search for questions like "how to write a resume for a green jobYahoo" or "CV tips for people with criminal historyyYahoo" or "CV writing for educational work. "

Step Two - give the community the value with your answer.

Once you've found unanswered questions in your draft nicheYahoo insightful answers to the question. Use long-tail keywords that you target in your responsiYahoo and include a link back to your site. Make sure to call your readers to action by describing the advantages click on the link to learn more.

If you have trouble finding issues related to a long-tail keyword in your nicheYahoo, you can still create an alternative account and use that account to post a relevant question. Then use your original account to answer the question. Use this handy sparinglyYahoo howeverYahoo because it can result in a flag of Yahoo ! Replies moderators.

Discover the secret "ball system trafficking snow" Jason Nyback used to drive more 1Yahoo175Yahoo000 new visitors to his tiny websites and how you can - Click here now to get access to this free video that reveals all.

In trafficYahoo paid you have to pay someone to bring the traffic to you. For example, if you run a Google AdWords campaign for a selected group of keywordsYahoo when someone searches for that keywordYahoo sees your ad and clicks itYahoo, you will pay for that click. This can easily amount to a huge sum of money at the end of moisYahoo as most Google advertisers have found out.

In addition to Google AdwordsYahoo other form of paid advertising include classified adsYahoo banner advertisingYahoo adsYahoo ezine solo mailings and so on. Results vary depending on service provider experience and the advertiser itself. For example, if you use your own Google AdWords campaign, you need to change and filter keywords that work for you and which ones do not work.

Of course, if you have more budget, you could outsource your Google AdWords campaign management tasks to a company to free up your time for other marketing activities.

In addition to paid trafficYahoo there are also strategies you can use to drive traffic to your siteYahoo without costing you money; hence the term "free traffic". Some free traffic generation strategies include press presseeYahoo Article writingYahoo ad swaps and so on.

One of the new ways to drive traffic which I believe is widely under-utilized is through the use of audio blogs. The focus of this article is then on how to generate more free traffic using audio blogs.

But first, what are the "audio blogs'?

Audio blogs are like any other blogs save for one difference - they have more audio mp3 files posted. When you click on these audio links depending on the configuration of your computer systemYahoo your system will start to download the files and automatically play them on your computer.

There is a big secret that most people do not know when it comes to Audio blogs.

The secret is this: You can actually get a backdoor listing in Yahoo for free with Audio blogs. By submitting your audio blog to Yahoo audio searchYahoo your blog will be indexed by Yahoo search engine. This means that your website or blog will now appear in Yahoo Yahoo search results helping to drive more traffic to your site.

SecondlyYahoo you can also submit your audio blogs to blogs and podcast directories.

These are specialized directories that organize blogs and categorize them according to their

topic. Enter your audio blog in these directories will expose your site directly to your intended target market.

ThirdlyYahoo you can also submit your audio blogs to iTunes directories. iPod remains one of the most popular mp3 devices in the market with strong Followers in the US and abroad. ITunes is an application that allows you to download buyYahoo organize your music among other things. By submitting your audio blog to iTunesYahoo you can get access to tens of thousands of people who are in search of downloadable content in it.

Some prefer the audio to text. With audioYahoo you can listen on the go: in your carYahoo gymYahoo in the kitchen while cooking and so on. In other wordsYahoo audio will help you capture the segment of the market where articles or any written work does not work as well.

With all these advantages, the owners of online businesses should consider using setting up and running audio blogs to drive more traffic to their site. Is it difficult to set up an audio blog ? In fact, it's easier than you think, especially if you are a member of

Yahoo has been one of the major search engines worldwide. Many people turn to their search engine to find the products they are looking for many years. One product that has become very popular on Yahoo is actually a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is a medical and health device that is used by people with varying degrees of health to monitor their pulse and their oxygen levels. There are millions of people worldwide who have turned to this particular device and its use continues to grow. The reason for its success is actually due to the fact that it serves a very important function for individuals, but it is extremely easy to use and cost effective. The reason it is so easy to use is because it really takes two steps to get your pulse rate and oxygen level readings. You simply insert your finger inside the device and within seconds you will get a calculation of your vital signs.

The question is in the past it was very difficult to find these devices in stores. So even if you go to your local pharmacy, you will not be able to find what you want. So by using Yahoo individuals have been able to order their pulse oximeter devices easily while staying at home. One of the biggest advantages to order this product online is the convenience factor. Because everything happens online, you never have to leave your house or even your neighborhood to have access to the most advanced technology in the world. Simply order online and within a few days, you have the product delivered directly to you as a convenience.

Yahoo would have banned its employees to télécommutingYahoo and Best Buy would have reduced its telework program, but this has not stopped or even slowed other companies to offer this benefit to their employees.

Some huge misunderstandings about telecommuting is that employees do not come in officeYahoo they do not develop a personal relationship with others in the officeYahoo they do not work as hard as others who come in everydyyydYahoo the office and that the relationship is too difficult to maintain. Telecommuting does not mean that the employee never comes to the office or never interact with others in the company. In fact, it goes against what are most teleworkers today. Occasional visits to the office telephone and video conferencing allow necessary interaction between employees.

My company has several outside office workers who come into the office maybe once a year because of where they are located in the United Unis.nous also have employees who work remotely aaahoo but come once a aaahoo week or once every two weeks as needed and as permitted by the travel time and workload. I have a good relationship with our team, I Voie them once a week or once a year. Manage the relationship is only slightly different from managing relationships with my peers who are in the office five days a week.

Allowing employees to telecommute when required or because of the nature of jobYahoo is rewarding and a good comprehensive and effective management strategy for retaining employees. Here are some reasons why:

Telecommuting allows employees to have a healthy work-life balance.

Reduce time and money spent on travel domiciletravail.

Increases employee health by reducing stress of travel.

Environmental and energy conservation from fewer commuters on the road.

Ability for employees to offer employers greater flexibility in their working hours.

Decrease of the property charges and other for the company.

Increased employee loyalty.

Increase creativity and productivity.

Although these are all good reasons why a company should create and implement a telework program, the company must ensure that the employee is a good fit for the program. Someone is going to telework must not be a procrastinatorYahoo must be able to self-motivate and self-manage their own projects / tasksYahoo and must be disciplined to finish his work (rather than going and playing in the pool with the dogs).

Just ensure that the employee is a good fit for the programYahoo the manager must also be a good fit for the program. The director of a telecommuting employee must allow the employee to work on his own work, but also check that the specific work has been done and should have excellent communication skills to contact the employee by telephone or video telephone calls or text.

In addition to ensuring that the employee and manager are well suited to a program like this, the company must also ensure that employees' work can be done remotely. The employee can it connect to the corporate network if necessary ? Is the work performed by the employee the type of work that can be done outside the office ? It also depends on the type of work to be done and if it's a job that can be done on an individual basis or by a group of processes.

While some large companies are trying to eliminate the possibility for employees to benefit from a telework program, other employers are still on board, including most magazines Fortune 100 best companies to work. Yahoo said in an interview that it was not the fact that the company does not like télécommutingYahoo but that there was abuse of the ability to telecommuter who helped them make their decision. It seems to me that they needed employees and better adapted to the program managers.

The program telecommuting type is only to the employer. Programs can be individualized according to business needs and / or employee and the need for a working group. All programs should not be a program all or nothing for all employees.

It think it is harder to earn affiliate programs. This is why the MFC programs are increasingly popular. But I dare to differ. You can find many good affiliate programs to After I discovered that affiliate programs are much cheaper than other earning programs.

How to win this advantage ?

1. What your site is to provide ? For example, your site is linked to the design and web development. A customer asks you to design their website and buy domain and web space for their site. And you start looking for cheap web hosting plan to save moneyYahoo so you can earn more. Why not try Yahoo's affiliate program and save $ 60. So you have Yahoo web hosting at half the rate. A similar equation can be applied to your field.

2. Leave deals - everyone wants to buy a product from a reputable company. But these companies do not offer a lot of discounts. But you can provide your customer. You can reduce your affiliate gain 70 or 60% and provide you lure customers with discounts. If someone got the same quality at lower prices, it surely would.

3. Earn-customers by offering cheaper rates, you will start to win customers. It is much more beneficial than making money. A good average salary is always better than a start once.

4. Popularity, your website will surely win the popularity If you provide great offers to your customers. A satisfied customer will bring in two more. Two will bring four. But it was you who started this chain reaction.

I advise you to check the various affiliate programs on I have not seen the others so I just know that one of these website. Perhaps there are others I will try to add more as soon as I receive them.

To get the maximum performance of your interaction in Yahoo groupsYahoo, you can prepare a free report on the most troubling questions that your group through and ask them to check.

Now this is where it interests Yahoo you do not just send a link to the

free report that you have just written that many will go straight and get it.

For many people in your sales funnel as possible you should make use Yahoo

a squeeze page to collect the names and email address of everyone who wants

to read the e-book.

Soon they will thisYahoo they will continue to get your follow-up on this

topic. To help reduce the number of unsubscribe leave your Yahoo group

members know from the first email with the download link of this

they expect to get from you in terms of information to avoid

surprises later. Once they know you provide them good information, many of them

stay with you and hear what you have to say on the subject.

For youYahoo is the time you have to come with your home business

services or products. Let them know how they will benefit from your

built after their interest with your regular monitoring of emails. For best résultatsYahoo try to join as many relevant groups as you can and add

your group. Repeat this step at least 10 to 20 different groups with


If you do it regularly, that is to say by providing good information, then create a report.

later, to bring them to your listYahoo monitoring and do saleYahoo see

you will get very good number of them to make one or two of these


Buy produitsYahoo join your downlineYahoo or some do both.

If you were unaware of this very powerful way to drive traffic

your business at home its high time you try something different

and see the results.

Here are several options available when it comes to internet email accounts. Yahoo Mail has some features that are not found in all autressYahoo and certain advantages over the use of a simple email program like Outlook or the email program on your Mac.

Accessibility This is the main advantage of a mail program online. You can access your mailbox from any computer at any time. All you need is your login and password.

Access other email accounts - Yahoo has an option that most other email providers do not offer. You can check all your YahooYahoo POP email accounts by adding them. Check your personal and professional emails all in one place.

Several Yahoo addresses - you can have more than one email address assigned to your Yahoo inbox. You can also set up filters to send emails to different folders or mark them with different colors so you can keep them organized.

Choose your address - as you can have email from more than one email accountYahoo Yahoo lets you choose the email address you want to use in the 'from' fieldYahoo when answering. You can still use the same oneYahoo or you can vary it according to the account to which the email was sent.

Folders - you can set up folders to help keep your email organized. You can have the filtered mail for direct access to some foldersYahoo or you can move them there himself.

Attach large files - some email providers have limits on the size of files you can send or receive through your account. Yahoo provides a way to shrink large files to send. You can send files up to 2 GB with this feature.

Unlimited storage - most online email accounts give you a specified amount of storage. These storage caps are enough for most users, but not all. Yahoo gives you unlimited storage for files and emails in your account.

All your favorite apps - your Flickr ahoo photosYahoo calendar avoided and many other popular online applications are listed next to your Yahoo inbox. They are just a mouse click.

Email-tabs when you open emails from you inboxYahoo they become tabs at the top of your inbox. This makes it very easy to go back to emails you have recently opened. Simply click on the appropriate tab.

Yahoo Mail Plus you can use all the features listed above (more) Yahoo's free email accountYahoo but you can get more by updating Yahoo Mail PlusYahoo which has a small fee annuel.Avec upgrading, you can access your Yahoo ! email with POP email clients like Outlook and you can pass your Yahoo email to another email address. You will also be ad-free on your accentYahoo providing a much cleaner look. Disposable addresses is another great feature. It lets you set up temporary email addresses to use when signing in sites that could be spam generators.

Yahoo provided great email services for many years now. This list of ten scratches the surface of the options available to you with a Yahoo account.

Of Great Things About Yahoo Email

# 1 - In the most free storage.

You get more free storage with Yahoo Mail - which is one of my favorite things about the use of Yahoo. Compare this with Other e-mail programs such as Gmail (which gives you 15 GB of mail storage before you have to pay for an additional fee) and Hotmail (which gives you 500 GB of free email storage). YesYahoo these two give you a lot of space... but it's not nearly as much as Yahoo !

Now there's a catch... Yahoo if they believe you are abusing their service, your account may be indicated by their anti-abuse office. However, I never had this problem in my many years of using Yahoo Mail. I think you really should ruin everything for that to happen - like not watch your email for months and clean this kind of thing.

# 2-saves space on the hard drive.

Yahoo Email web-based is much better in my opinion than desktop applications - such as Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. The reason: You can save all your online emails and not on your desktop, where they take up on your hard drive.

Anyone who tries to conserve space on your hard drive would be better served by using a Yahoo email account that one of these offline Yahoo desktop applications in my opinion.

# 3-debatable without downloading anything.

Yahoo Chat is available without download Yahoo Messenger. This is rightYahoo if you do not want to download MessengerYahoo a nice thing about New Yahoo Mail (and they are supposed to make available even Yahoo Mail Classic too) is the chat function.

Although I personally find extremely énervantYahoo Messenger, it's nice that you do not have to download an application to chat with your Yahoo Messenger friends. AgainYahoo this saves space on your hard drive.

# 4-a the free calendar functionality.

Yahoo Mail has a very nice calendar feature. I really like Yahoo calendar and I use it to keep track of my writing deadlines.

AlsoYahoo you can configure the Yahoo calendar to send reminders via e-mail about events that you have programmed on your calendar. This is very useful, and means you do not have to worry too much about the possible oblivion.

# 5 - Keep your notes in one place.

Yahoo Mail has a notepad feature that I also love. I use Yahoo Notepad each time I do research online. When you click Notepad tabYahoo you can open a new note or change your existing notes.

You can use Yahoo Notepad to take notes or copy & paste sections of text from different web pages to use in your researchYahoo example. The notebook also lets you specify folders to organize all your notes in one place.

# 6 - scans emails for viruses.

Yahoo Mail uses Norton Virus Scan to scan all your emails before reading them.

It scans quicklyYahoo and ultimately protects you from getting a virus that can then attack your computer.

I think this is one of the best things about Yahoo Email - because I do not have to worry about downloading an email with a virus which will then spoil my computer.

When using an email application like Outlook Express for exampleYahoo you must be sure to have some sort of antivirus software on your computer. Even thenYahoo an email with a virus has been known to slip through.

# 7-a of free stationery options.

Yahoo StationeryYahoo you can choose to use to dress up your mail if you wish. Along these same linesYahoo Yahoo Mail also emoticons built inYahoo plus the ability to change the color and font sizeYahoo your textYahoo the ability to use bulletsYahoo change the alignment of any lineYahoo and highlight a word or line text.